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1313 days ago 15 comments Categories: Tech News Tags: Facebook irritation
“This Friend Request Can’t Be Sent”-another irritating feature by Facebook and how to deal with it!! Most of the people are on Facebook to make new friends, and I am one of them who loves to send req
1239 days ago 10 comments Categories: Freedom of Speech ... with Respect Tags: terms, of, use, nakedlog, respect
  Please read the "terms of use" before you enter this site... (also as a guest)   By clicking the "yes" (enter) button, you get on your machine a cookie saying that you except our terms of use and
1197 days ago 6 comments Categories: Politics Tags: Protests, at, new, media, law, in, Hungary
Protests at new media law in Hungary Source:"The Guardian UK"   Hungary's government has proposed a new media law t
951 days ago 5 comments Categories: Freedom of Speech ... with Respe Tags: hate, spam, nakedlog
I HATE SPAM   Maybe you noticed or maybe not, but nobody can post a blog anymore for the time being. If you want to post a blog, then sent a message to the WebMaster or Peggle. The reason that thi
1147 days ago 4 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: Faceboook, censored, Gustave, Courbet
A Danish artist, Frode Steinicke, was excluded from the social networking site Facebook to keep his profile on the painting "The Origin of the World" by Gustave Courbet in 1886, representing a female
1288 days ago 4 comments Categories: Tech News Tags: update, website, speed
VERY important update. This is a seriously big and important version update that brings a long list of improvements, fixes and even new features. Most importantly, it is the major part of our "Spee
1310 days ago 4 comments Categories: Squirting Orgasms By Woman Tags:
watch here Squirting Orgasms By Woman How Make Squirting Orgasms By Woman The simple massage techniques that are, in most cases, REQUIRED to help women to not only "squirt" but to have MULTIPLE, WHOLE
1312 days ago 4 comments Categories: Music Tags: facebook, irratations, StuBru
Facebook deletes official page Studio Brussel         The official fan page of Studio Brussels is deleted on Facebook, says the news department of the VRT. The social networking site, the Radio Statio
1437 days ago 4 comments Categories: Tech News Tags: site, news
Hello, Because of mandatory security updates on our servers we had Logon failures. It happened on our Host server where the Host provider had done an update regarding the security rules. During t
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